Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker is a global leader in tools, storage, security, and engineered fastening. With employees in over 60 countries, it’s products and services are used in nearly every country around the world. To discover the thread that could pull all those strings together, and align the organization and acquisitions as a company of story brands, CEO Jim Loree embarked a journey to find their purpose. That’s where we came in.

The password is cullers

Our purpose video is center stage on Stanley Black & Decker’s homepage.

When Jim Loree was promoted from COO to CEO in August of 2016, he entered his new position with a promise to bring a new era of innovation and advancement. Despite the company’s 175 years of success, Loree knew that something was missing, such as a rich context for why they do what they do, everyday.

In order to outpace the industry’s rapid rate of change, and achieve his ambitious growth objectives, he sought to create a sense of unity and meaning for 50,000+ employees following the 2010 merger, recent acquisitions, and rapid growth that had made them a top performer in its sector in recent years. To achieve the level of alignment that could bring together diverse business units in over 60 countries, Stanley Black & Decker needed a common ‘why’ for 50,000 ‘what’s’.

This work involves an introspective look at the company, its heritage, and its culture today. We engaged in a collaborative process over more than six months, talking and listening to leaders and associates across functions, business units, and the world. Once we uncovered and articulated the Purpose, we supported Stanley Black & Decker’s efforts to activate Purpose internally, BrightHouse collaborated with the team to create a “Purpose Activation Toolkit.” This toolkit enabled SBD leaders globally to lead Purpose Activation Workshops—generating excitement around Purpose while identifying and prioritizing ways to integrate Purpose into daily business activities and strategies.

Stanley Black & Decker launched Purpose in January 2017 at the leadership meeting, then to all employees at the February Town Hall. This launch was accompanied by a newly designed corporate website showcasing Purpose in Spring 2017, which featured our work and our video.

Jim Loree, CEO of SBD talking about the impact of our purpose project and “Unleashing Employee Potential in the Workplace” with Fortune